Lanzilotta: ‘I look at them like superheroes’

Jason Lanzilotta walked onto a stage last Thursday and did what he had waited months to do — say thank you to the men and women who saved his life last October. “They never gave up. They never stopped,” Jason said. “They refused to back down and give up with every obstacle that was thrown at them.” Seven months earlier, he was trapped under a heavy pole, bones crushed and internal bleeding quickly stealing his life away. He thought he would die. But fast thinking from emergency responders put

Smith Mountain biosolid project draws community complaints

Mike Castle, field officer director for the Office of Surface Mining, believed he had found a solution to a problem at the former Crossville Coal mine site on Smith Mountain Rd. Water was seeping into an underground tub dug into the mountain during the active mining. As more water seeped in, it started bubbling up — bringing with it dangerous materials leached from the dirt used to fill the hole. But his solution has members of the community upset after they learned 7,200 pounds of treated hum

Village Inn residents in ‘limbo’

Candy Cantrell isn’t sure where she will live come Jan. 31 — the date residents are to be out of the Village Inn. “There just isn’t a lot available,” Cantrell said of the current housing market in Crossville, especially for a young mother like herself with limited resources. She applied for housing last year while expecting her daughter. Her daughter is now 3 months old. The Village Inn is the only home she’s known. Cantrell said she’s been working at Pizza Hut in Crossville and using her tip

TTU brings wind tunnel to old TAP building

A wind tunnel that will be the centerpiece of a new Tennessee Technological University research center began arriving in Crossville last week. “It will take six or seven deliveries to get it all here from Roosevelt, MN,” said Dan Warren, project manager for the wind tunnel project. TTU announced plans for the new facility last summer. TTU President Phil Oldham said at the time, “The tunnel and facilities will increase our ability and capacity in performance computing and will also enhance teac

Flatrock eyes 2023 track opening

UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect the current name of the enterprise, Flatrock Motorsports Park and Entertainment Destination, and to include its location off Westel Rd. in Eastern Cumberland County. “I talked a couple of guys into buying some karts and we raced those things in parking lots all over Knoxville for several years,” Bittle said. “That’s where my passion started. Over 20 years ago, I started looking for land just to build a kart track.” But over time, his vision grew.

Overdose response takes toll on responders

Cumberland County emergency medical personnel responded to more than 92 calls for drug overdoses through August 2022. But the numbers of people in the community in need of medical care for a drug overdose far exceeds that number. “We’ve had 172 calls where overdose was labeled as the primary cause,” Daniel Coleman, critical care paramedic and training officer for Cumberland County EMS, told the Chronicle. “It might show as an overdose because that’s what initially happened, but they’re actually

Hit-n-Miss: Plateau Rd. farm offers locally raised beef

Kenny and Lynn Carey have raised cattle on their Cumberland County farm for decades. “She and I have been married 31 years, and she’s never bought beef in a grocery store,” Kenny said. In addition to stocking the family freezer with locally raised beef, they also sold whole beef or shares to others, delivering the cattle to local processing facilities where the customer could order the cuts they wanted and take their beef home to the freezer. Several years ago, Kenny saw that cattle farmers w

Habitat restoration or clearcut? TWRA proposal at Bridgestone-Firestone WMA sparks debate

When a map began circulating in White County in August showing a proposed timber harvest at the Bridgestone-Firestone Centennial Wilderness Wildlife Management Areas, residents, hunters and hikers were concerned. The area is a popular spot with neighboring Virgin Falls State Natural Area and Welch’s Point with its panoramic overlook of the Caney Fork River gorge. The forests are prized by hunters for big game hunts like deer and turkey. The river, which falls from atop the Cumberland Plateau with Class IV and V rapids, is home to freshwater fish and mussels. But representatives of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, which manages the WMA, say their proposed project is needed to provide more wildlife diversity and ensure a healthy ecosystem by reverting a portion of the property to a grassland savanna — which some experts say is the landscape that once dominated the Cumberland Plateau.

Crossville welcomes Whisper Aero

Mark Moore is bringing Silicon Valley to the Cumberland Plateau, with the headquarters for tech startup Whisper Aero located in Crossville. Moore, the CEO of the new company, and his team of engineers and researchers are working toward a solution for the next challenge in the emerging electronic vertical take-off and landing passenger aircraft — the noise of the engines. “Right now, electric aircraft all have propellers and are relatively slow. Our technology lets these aircraft be really effi